Leader In Education, Research, And Innovation In The Field Of Agro-Industry For The Well-Being Of Society


Established in 1980, the Faculty of Agro-Industry at Kasetsart University has been striving to ensure that Thailand’s standards of professional and technical knowledge in the field agro-industry remain high and of international caliber.

We focus on enhancing people’s well-being through science and technology, and on Thailand’s rich resources in agricultural and natural products. We conduct research and courses to support the government polocies, and help small industries and home-based companies improve the safety and quality of their products. Moreover, the faculty also carries out advanced research to develop such knowledge that inspires innovation and application to specific need of the industry


The Faculty of Agro-Industry offers Bachelor of Science degree programs, Master of Science programs and Doctor of Philosophy programs in various departments. One-year graduate diplomas and several community training programs are also offered. The Faculty is currently divided into 6 Departments.


We Seek to Gain Worldwide Respect and Recognition as Asia’s Leader in The Field of Agro-Industry and Become The Best Resource for Academic Studies and Scientific Research.

Our intention is to produce scientific leaders, work with world-class institutes and continue to grow and evolve in response to the changing needs of society.

We shall continue to provide the highest standards of scientific and technological education in the field of agro-industry, with the aim of producing top-notch professionals for the ever-growing sector.

We shall focus on developing research expertise to solve real world problems and disseminate the knowledge secured from scientific research to rural farmers, consumers, and organizations so that they can apply it into practice.

We shall respond to the people’s needs in the agro-industry and take part in advancing economic and social development.



Being an autonomous university is a challenge. Our Faculty is evolving but continuing to uphold our traditions of academic and research excellence. The young staff of KU are dynamic, energetic, highly professional and ethical. Many new areas are to be explored to keep pace with the rapid changes in the world of science and technology as well as design and management. I believe that these are the key factors that will direct our institute to continue to be a valuable source of knowledge and human development for Agro-Industry in Thailand and South East Asian Region

Dean Of The Faculty Of Agro-Industry

Anuvat Jangchud, Assoc.Prof.

Dean of the Faculty of Agro-Industry

Associate Dean

Assoc.Prof. Suttipun Keawsompong

Associate Dean for Systems and Resources Development

Asst. Prof. Nuttakan Nitayapat, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for International Studies

Dr.Pinthip Rumpagaporn

Associate Dean for Academic and Knowledge Innovation

Asst. Prof. Sasitorn Tongchitpakdee

Associate Dean for International Affairs

Nattadon Rungruangkitkrai

Associate Dean for Student Development

Assoc. Prof. Vanee Chonhenchob

Associate Dean for Special Projects

Dr.Nantawut Leeamornsiri

Associate Dean for Policy and Change Management

Asst.Prof. Korntip Watcharapanyawong Techametheekul

Associate Dean for Quality Assurance

Assoc. Prof. Wannee Jirapakkul

Deputy Dean for Internal Affairs

Assist. Prof. Kittipong Rattanaporn

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Assistant Dean

Asst.Prof. Kanitta Watcharaporn

Assistant Dean for Curriculum Development and Academic Activities

Assoc. Prof. Weerachet Jittanit

Assistant Dean for Human Resources

Asst. Kriskamol Na Jom

Assistant Dean for Student Development

Ph.D.Piyawanee Jariyasakoolroj

Assistant Dean for Human Resources

Asst.Prof.Thepkunya Harnsilawat

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Assist. Prof. Savitree Ratanasumawong

Assistant Dean for Research

Head Of Department

Asst. Prof. Pramuk Parakulsuksatid

Head of Department of Biotechnology

Asst. Prof. Kullanart Tongkhao

Head of Department of Food Science and Technology

Assistant Prof. Amporn Sane

Head of Department of Packaging and Materials Technology

Asst.Prof. Pawarin Tuntariyanond

Head of Department of Textile Science

Asst. Prof. Thanit Puthpongsiriporn, Ph.D.

Head of Department of Agro-Industrial Technology

Assoc.Prof. Nantawan Therdthai

Head of Department of Product Development


The Faculty of Agro-Industry Secretary Office was founded in 1980 including with the Department of Packaging and Materials Technology, the Department of Biotechnology, the Department of Product Development and the Department of Food Science and Technology.

Head Of Secretariat

Miss.Fareeda Roumanee

Deputy Secretary