Agro-Industrial Innovation and Technology (International Program) [AIIP]

The undergraduate degree course in science and technology that helps your dream of owning a sustainable and profitable agro-industrial business not too far to reach.

The Agro-Industrial Innovation and Technology Program (International Program), AIIP in short, is an undergraduate Bachelor of Science course conducted in English. Presently managed by a dedicated team of academics from all departments under the Faculty of Agro-Industry since 2019, the course was previously offered by the Department of Product Development and accepted the first batch of students in 2015. It is designed to produce graduates who are completely prepared to start up their own business or seek employment in agro-industry, especially in a unit related to the development of innovative product/service, and work effectively under the borderless world-wide society which is now imposed upon the sustainability and well-being of the population. Outstanding characteristics of our graduates are having good understanding in agro-industrial business as a whole, being a ‘dot connector’ that can work in conjunction with other operational units of agro-industrial business, and able to work with people from various cultural and ehtinic backgrounds.

B.S. in Agro-Industrial Innovation and Technology (International Program)

The course content is composed of 3 major components which are science and technology of the transformation of agricultural materials into products, business administration for agro-industrial business, and arts for increasing capacity in business competition. It is designed to develop in students these three major skills: the ability to design innovative products and procedures that can be manufactured or put into practice at the industrial level, digital literacy and entrepreneurship, and the understanding of the principles of sustainable growth.


Course Description

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Faculty Members

Assoc.Prof. Nuttakan Nitayapat


Asst.Prof. Chutima Waisarayutt, PHD

Agro-Industrial Technology

Assoc. Prof. Chitsiri Thongson Rachtanapun

Food Science And Technology

Dr. Uruchaya Sonchaeng

Packaging And Materials Technology

Pithalai Phoophat, PhD

Textile Science

Agro-Industrial Product Development


Invitation To Participate In Activities Related To Textile Science And Technology. Workshops Are Organized By The Department Of Textile Science, Faculty Of Agro-Industry, Kasetsart University (Online) Textile Series

Early Direct Admission for Academic Year 2022