Sugars and Derivatives Analytical Laboratory (SDAL)

Analysis of composition and quality of sugar cane and sugar cane products included derivatives compounds related to sugar cane and sugar industry and other related industries.


General composition analysis, Physical properties, Sugar composition,
Organic compound, Microbiological analysis, Lignocellulosic compound.

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Sugars and Derivatives Analytical Laboratory
Room 4311 3rd Floor AI3 Building, Department of Biotechnology, Kasertsart University, 50 Ngamwongwarn Road, Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok

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Food Contact Materials Consulting Service Center

Consulting service on:

  • Research and development of food contact materials
  • Food contact material quality certification
  • Food contact materials production control
  • Food contact material testing
  • Training seminars on related laws and regulations and testing of food contact material

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Packaging Design and Development Center

Consulting service on:

  • Packaging design
  • Brand design
  • Product arrangement analysis
  • Providing research consulting
  • Provide advice on packaging

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Kasetsart University Sensory and Consumer Research Center (KUSCR)

Kasetsart University Sensory and Consumer Research Center (KUSCR) is a research center and service provider in sensory evaluation and consumer research. Our professional staffs have experiences in managing both food and non-food product testing. Combined with our highly trained descriptive panelists averaging more than 2,000 hours of project experiences, standard well-equipped testing rooms and statistical software programs, our center can provide the top-quality sensory testing and timely insights customized to your needs.

Examples of research and services provided by KUSCR

  • Determination of sensory profiles of food and non-food products by highly trained and expert panel for optimization of product formulation and process, identification of product identity and creation of innovative products. Study on consumer behavior, emotion and need to create innovative products such assalad dressing, mochi ice cream, bread, sausage.
  • Study on consumer behavior, emotion and need to experience design such as different places.
  • Determination of preference mapping to identify drive of liking of food products.

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TEL.025625004 ext. 5554 0894418352LINE@KUSCR

InnoFASHION Center


  • To be a center for learning, research and academic service integration of the Department of Textile Science, aiming at developing academic service excellence in textile and fashion innovation.
  • To be a center for delivering academic services to business, industrial and social sectors.
  • To be a center of collaborative integration with industrial sector, government agencies, textile-related associations and also educational institutions both domestic and international in order to create a variety of service platforms for New-skill, Upskill and Re-skill development that meets demand of textile professionals in business, industrial and social sectors.

Consulting service on:

  • Seminar, training and short courses in textiles and fashion, eg. green textiles, sensory evaluation, performance testing of textiles and apparel, textile and fashion design and development, functional textile and apparel design, mass customization, textile and fashion branding and merchandising.
  • Research development via special research units, including Eco-Textile, Performance Textile, Textile Sensory, Design & Development for Innovative Textile and Fashion, Mass Customization and Fashion Business & Merchandising.
  • Academic services and consultancy for textile and fashion-related business and industry.

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The Department of Textile Science

TEL.02-562-5000 ext. 5310EMAIL