Development of Innovative Non-food Product

Author Name , Aug-2021 Development of Innovative Non-food Product MORE DETAIL

This research group focuses on development of innovative non-food products from agro-industrial material and by-product. Several cosmetic and personnel care products with functional properties have been created through modern technologies such as nanotechnology. Under innovative and sustainability concept, the non-food products with attractive functional properties have been innovated, such as

– The cleansing serum fulfilled with neosome from Riceberry rice bran oil that can clear skin effectively and provide healthy skin by antioxidant activity to protect skin from UV ray and pollution

– The moisturizing lotion enriched with rice bran protein hydrolysate that can preserve moisture and provide elasticity for skin effectively

– The lip-gloss made from rice bran wax with a presence of rice bran protein hydrolysate neosome that can enrich and protect lip from darkening.