International Projects / Conferences

With excellent professional faculty staffs and students, Faculty of Agro-industry, Kasetsart University has involved in many international projects and hosted several international conferences & symposiums and workshops,. Examples of international projects / conferences & symposiums / workshops are listed below.


International Projects

  • Higher Education Improvement Project – ITC
  • Higher Education Improvement Project – RUA

Conferences & Symposiums

  • The 10th International Symposium on the Properties of Water (ISOPOW 2007)
  • The 16th the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI) (IAPRI 2008)
  • Food Innovation Asia Conference 2014 (FIAC 2014)
  • The 8th Shelf Life International Meeting (SLIM 2017)
  • AC21 Joint Mini-Symposium on “Agro-Industry Research for Well-Being” (2018)
  • The 3rd International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle (2019)
  • FRUTIC 2019 : Innovations in Pre- and Postharvest Supply Chain of Fresh Produce
  • 13thJoint International on Food Science and Technology between NUS, TUMSAT, HU, ZAU and KU (postponed due to covid-19)


  • Food security – Postharvest, Processing and Product Development of Selected Agro-Industrial Products